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Nick Spinner for Treasurer-Tax Collector
Nick Spinner

Shaping a Better Future, Together

Dear Residents of Contra Costa County,

I'm Nick Spinner, aspiring to be your Treasurer-Tax Collector, committed to fostering financial resilience and transparency in our community. I envision an office that meets our fiscal needs through sound financial management and responsive taxpayer service.

With my extensive experience in county government and dedication to public service, I'm prepared to bring innovative leadership to this role. My focus will be on enhancing fiscal transparency and driving financial innovation, while maintaining open communication with the county residents.

In this role, I aim to leverage our resources for a stable and prosperous community future. I'm ready to positively impact our financial health and wellbeing, ensuring every decision made is in the best interest of our community.

- Nick Spinner

Values and Priorities

Integrity, Transparency, and Community Service

Focus on enhancing the efficiency and transparency of county financial systems through innovative approaches and technology integration.
Focus on harnessing data analytics and evidence-based approaches to guide fiscal policies and decisions, ensuring they are efficient, effective, and cater to the needs of the county.
Prioritize high standards of transparency and integrity in all aspects of county financial management to foster public trust.
Implement strategies aimed at optimizing budget allocation, reducing wasteful spending, and ensuring prudent management of public funds.
Commit to fostering equity and inclusion in all fiscal policies and practices, ensuring fair access and representation for all communities within the county, and actively working to eliminate disparities in financial services and resources.
Emphasize building strong connections with community leaders and constituents to better understand and address the financial needs of diverse groups within the county.
Prioritize the integration of sustainable and environmentally conscious practices in financial management and county operations, aligning with broader goals of environmental stewardship.
Nick Spinner Explains Campaign Priorities to Supporters

About Nick Spinner

Our Choice for Treasurer-Tax Collector

Raised in Martinez, California, Nick Spinner is a dedicated public servant deeply committed to the communities of Contra Costa County. A proud graduate of College Park High School and Diablo Valley College, Nick's roots run deep in the community he continues to serve. He later earned his BS in Computer Science from Cal State East Bay, applying his technological expertise to address local challenges.

Nick has served Contra Costa County for over a decade, starting as an intern and rising to his current role as the Property Information and Business Systems Manager in the Treasurer-Tax Collector's office. In this role, he has modernized processes, enhanced service efficiency, and reduced costs, showcasing his ability to develop creative and effective solutions.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Nick is actively involved in local governance. He serves on the Crockett Community Services District Board of Directors, playing a critical role in the district's Budget and Finance Committee. His contributions have been instrumental in overseeing and managing the financial aspects of community services in Crockett and Port Costa. Additionally, Nick has been a key figure in the recent restructuring of the district's management, demonstrating his capabilities in organizational leadership and strategic financial planning. He is also a member of the Executive Committee for the West Contra Costa County Sierra Club, further highlighting his commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable community development.

Now, as a proud homeowner in Crockett, alongside his wife, Nick's dedication to his community is more significant than ever.

Nick is driven by three main principles:

  1. Honest and Transparent Representation Emphasizing openness and honesty in all decisions, Nick is driven by a desire to serve the public interest with integrity.
  2. Innovation and Vision Advocating for innovative approaches and vision within county services, leveraging his unique skillset to streamline processes and align services with community needs.
  3. Community Engagement Committed to maintaining open lines of communication, actively participating in community events, and collaborating on significant local issues.

Nick brings with him the integrity of an Eagle Scout, having earned this distinguished rank with Boy Scout Troop 180 from Martinez. His previous political involvement, such as his commendable run for Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder in 2022 where he received 20% of the vote, underscores his dedication to public service.

Nick Spinner Eagle Scout Announcement

Source: Martinez News-Gazette, August 3rd 2005.

Nick's background as an Eagle Scout, where he earned this rank with Boy Scout Troop 180 from Martinez, is a testament to his integrity and dedication. His previous political involvement, including his run for Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder, highlights his commitment to public service.

Nick Spinner combines transparency, creative problem-solving, compassion, and humility, making him an ideal candidate for the Treasurer-Tax Collector role. He embodies the spirit of public service, committed to enhancing the well-being of the communities in Contra Costa County.

How to Support Nick

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Together, we can bring innovative and transparent leadership to the Treasurer-Tax Collector's office.
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